Your Stories


On Friday, June 13th, 2008, Cedar Rapids was hit by epic flooding. The waters of the Cedar River crested at 31.12 feet, approximately 20 feet above flood stage and an astonishing 11 feet higher than the previous record flood set in 1929. Ten square miles were flooded. More than four thousand homes were destroyed. Eight to ten thousand jobs were lost. Total damage costs have been estimated to exceed $1.5B.

You know this story.

You lived it. You know the flood and its devastation, the initial response and rebuilding efforts. This story has been told and retold in hundreds of articles in this newspaper and thousands of conversations on side streets and at dinner tables.

But there is another story to tell: A story of how a disaster affects not just buildings and blocks, but relationships and social ties. About how the traumas we share shape the social fabric of our community – for better and worse – and what we can do to make sure we emerge stronger after disaster. Share your story (above) and read your neighbors' (below).

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