Entrepreneur. Sociologist. Original.

Kevin is the Founder and CEO of Miracle Messages, a digital movement that helps homeless individuals reunite with their long lost loved ones through the power of smart phones, social media, and local volunteers. Miracle Messages aims to facilitate 100 reunions each year and create a better alternative to reality TV that is compelling and socially impactful. 

Previously, Kevin co-founded alumn.us (a fundraising platform for under-served high schools), Entangled Ventures (an EdTech incubator), and BetterGrads (an online mentoring nonprofit). He served one year in Oaxaca, Mexico, as an ambassador of goodwill for Rotary International.

He is the author of the ground-breaking book, Natural Disasters as a Catalyst for Social Capital. His writing has been published in the New York TimesChristian Science MonitorInternational EducatorCedar Rapids GazetteTechCrunch, Huffington Post, and two peer-reviewed volumes.

Kevin has been featured in PeopleSF Chronicle, ForbesNPRFOX, and Teen Vogue, delivered talks at Microsoft, Stanford, and the Downtown Project, and is a member of Thousand Network, a New Leaders Council Fellow (SF), a StartingBloc Fellow (BOS), a Hive Global Leader, and a founding trustee of the Awesome Foundation (SF).

Kevin has an M.Phil from the University of Cambridge, and was the Culley Award recipient as the top graduate at Occidental College. He recently attended Singularity University's Graduate Studies Program at NASA, one of 80 participants from 45 countries selected from over 5000 applicants.

Kevin is from the small town of Livermore, CA, and currently lives atop a mountain on the outskirts of San Francisco.


Connect with Kevin on TwitterLinkedIn, or join him for his monthly Fireside Potluck. You can also email Kevin: kevin [at] kevinfadler.com


  • Honorary Lifetime Member of Rotary Club of Livermore Valley
  • Small speaking role in a Sundance-award winning film
  • Voted "Most Likely to Win an Oscar" by his senior class in HS
  • Featured in Teen Vogue, but not for his dreamy boy band
  • Uses his middle initial "F" to honor his mom, Joan Farrington
  • Named one of San Francisco's most eligible men
  • Award-winning writer
  • Has never tried coffee
  • Believes all entrepreneurs should be social entrepreneurs
  • When he was 12, he felt like something was missing in his life, and asked his family to visit local churches. This lead to his personal faith.
  • Great-grandfather changed the family last name from OrzeĊ‚, the Polish for "eagle," to Adler, the German for "eagle," at Ellis Island