Kevin F. Adler is an entrepreneur and sociologist who believes everyone is invaluable. As the Founder and CEO of NearShot, a media + interaction company based in San Francisco, Kevin and his team are creating a better alternative to Reality TV by pioneering the use of immersive storytelling and crowd-sourced content to show life as it is rarely seen but often felt, beginning with HomelessPOV.

HomelessPOV helps homeless volunteers capture their stories and reconnect with their loved ones using wearable cameras, smart phones, and the help of their non-homeless neighbors. Kevin started the project in memory of his Uncle Mark, who suffered from schizophrenia and spent 30 years on-and-off the streets. HomelessPOV has been featured in dozens of major media outlets, including the San Francisco Chronicle, NPR, NBC News, Fox Business, Forbes, PRI, CNET, the Daily Mail, and Huffington Post.

Kevin is the author of the book, Natural Disasters as a Catalyst for Social Capital (2015), published by UPA, a subsidiary of Rowman & Littlefield. His writing and research has been published in the New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, International Educator, and two edited volumes: An Education in Facebook (Routledge 2014) and Community Disaster Recovery and Resiliency (CRC Press 2010).

Previously, Kevin co-founded alumn.us (a fundraising platform for high schools, acquired in 2013), Entangled Ventures (an EdTech incubator), and BetterGrads (an online mentoring nonprofit). He served one year as an ambassador of goodwill for Rotary International in Oaxaca, Mexico, y él mantiene su lenguaje español (he recently officiated his cousin’s wedding in Spanish).

Kevin is a founding trustee of the Awesome Foundation-SF, a StartingBloc Fellow, a Hive Global Leader, and a 2015 NLC Fellow. He completed his graduate studies at the University of Cambridge, and was the Culley Award recipient as the top graduate at Occidental College.

Say hello @kevinfad, or join him for his next monthly fireside potluck.